Basement Slab With Curbless Shower and Retaining Wall

This basement project in Grants Pass presented a number of challenges because of the existing structure. The first step was cutting an opening into the existing concrete stem wall foundation for future French doors.

With the new opening, we began the demolition of an existing footing that was above grade, hauling out the debris and excess dirt.  We leveraged our walk-behind skid-steer (Dingo) that can fit through openings as small as 38″ for this task. The small size of this machine allowed us to work on the other side of a load bearing wall as well.

With excess dirt removed and the grade leveled, we placed plastic vapor-barrier, added gravel fill, and compacted the entire are to provide a stable surface for the new slab.  Rebar was added and tied and forms were set to pour half of the slab and footing.
Basement prepared for concrete pour with rebar and forms set.

Following the pour of the footing for the wall and half of the slab, we began work on the next challenges. The original excavation of the crawlspace area – before the current homeowner purchased the home – had exposed the footings and the soil below them on the far wall. It had been left in this state for over 20 years! These needed to be retained with a new wall and pinned to hold the old and new together. Additionally a recessed area was needed for the shower pan to create a curbless shower.

Once everything was set, we arranged for another concrete pump and cement truck and poured the walls and other half of the slab.

At just over 800 sqft, this basement slab in Grants Pass wasn’t the largest project we’ve completed but it did require some creative thinking and all of the tools at our disposal.

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